theMatchBox Intelligent Search & Match Services for recruitment

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HR Matching-as-a-Service combines state-of-the-art matching technology with expert consultancy services to ensure a successful integration at the start and to guard matching quality over time.

Our NLP technology (Natural Language Processing) takes care of language variations, synonyms and ambiguous queries and extracts relevant concepts from full text data like job descriptions. This data is used in our mutual match algorithm which looks at both the candidate’s and the job’s perspective, and maximizes the match where both parties are most interested.

In our kick-off workshops we identify the matching parameters specific to your recruiting business. We set up the matching quality assurance system which will ensure long term matching quality. Regular quality reports are provided. In quarterly matching steering committees, the matching test cases are evaluated and matching is corrected when necessary.

By ensuring long term quality, theMatchBox is your perfect long term matching partner.


Combining NLP (Natural Language Processing) and expert search & match engine knowledge, theMatchBox builds first class search & match engines for the recruitment market. Our experts ensure that our technology delivers high quality results in the customers context. Our continuous quality monitoring makes sure that search & match results are not only correct today but also in the future. This makes theMatchBox a perfect partner to all companies where fast & correct searching and matching is key to