Officient core HR software

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Officient is an intuitive HRIS, helping to manage all personnel administration with our HR platform and employee self-services. We’ll centralize all employee data s.a. personal information, wage, benefits, assets.. and speed up common HR procedures.

We offer our clients a better workforce overview, a centralized database for all employee data and smart automation to increase efficiency in routine HR workflows.

Officient consists of a HR platform and personalized self-service environments for all employees. Within the platform, HR can manage all employee data s. a. personal info, wages, assets, fleet, contracts, performance, leave and more. We'll synchronize information kept by your payroll provider with our unique integrations and in some cases can help accelerate payroll calculations. With all data centralized, we can automatically generate important HR metrics (absenteeism) and trends (payroll cost evolution)

Officient is trusted by companies s. a. OTA insights, Club Brugge, Hello customer, Eurosys and we support integrations with up to nine payroll providers.


Officient is a Saas company offering intuitive HR tools for handling personnel administration and speeding up common HR procedures.

Our HR platform, fueled by unique integrations with multiple payroll providers and productivity tools, centralizes all employee data of the company in one cloud-hosted environment. Manage payroll, employee benefits, company assets, contracts, documents, days off, sickness fleet, performance reviews, workflows and all employee data from one HR system.