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User-friendly online workforce management tool for creating employee schedules, time-tracking, and HRM. Register hours by schedule, mobile app, or hardware on location. Keep track of employee costs, schedule occupation, absence, and overtime.

Shiftbase enables you to schedule (repeating) shifts easily and quickly. Standard shifts can be created in the schedule and dragged and dropped. Employees can indicate their availability via the mobile app or computer. The preferences are displayed in the work schedule.
Register employees' hours worked online with Shiftbase. Clocking can be done with the mobile app, desktop computer, or time clock. By clocking in, you can see in real-time which employees are working and the current wage costs. Plus/minus hours are calculated automatically.
Employees can submit absence requests in the application. After assessment by the manager, the leave days are immediately visible in the work schedule. Holiday hours are automatically accumulated based on the contracted hours or hours worked.


User-friendly online tool for creating personnel schedules, time registration and HRM. Record hours on schedule, on-site hardware mobile app.
Keep staff costs, occupancy rate, absence and overtime in one easy-to-use application. Access your data anytime, anywhere.